Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Andromeda Society Meeting 7:00PM

A couple of us attended a meeting of the local Andromeda Society recently because of an advertised video and discussion about the Big Bang Theory. I thought it would be an interesting break from reading about religion. Imagine my surprise when I found myself in a discussion with a member in which each time the science behind the theory reached an area it wasn't sure about, he immediately interjected God. I though it was hilarious. Scientist - as egotistical and cocksure as they can be, are perfectly comfortable saying "I don't know". Ignorance is often honesty. The religious guy was absolutely sure God caused the unexplained questions in the theory. I finally had to tell him statements like that were not only ridiculous, but they are conversation stoppers.

I have to wonder, what would we know about our universe and ourselves if we could leave this nonsense out of the equation? Science has been forced to operate - not in light of religion, but in spite of religion. Why are people comfortable interjecting ideas for which they have no evidence and couldn't possibly be sure of, as if they are? Religion holds this immunity in conversation.

It could be that spirituality in the absence of religion is a good thing. I happen to think there is evidence of this. There could be spiritual truths that could be reconciled with scientific truths - and could be held at the same time. It's probably through getting to the core of this that we can finally discover Universal Truths. The idea gives me goose bumps. It sounds like a world in which I'd like to live. Not to sound trite, but can you imagine a world where we can finally admit to ourselves that God doesn't write books, promise little sections of beach to certain chosen groups, or answer prayers about your illness or the promotion at work? That God doesn't always side with the nation in which you happen to be born for all matters (including wars), that God doesn't take away your sins and only you are responsible for the relationships you create around you?

Could it be that Love, Peace, and Harmony are the Universal Truths we seek? Could it be that they are the basis of all morality? Could it be that we hold these truths - and always have?

Could it be that freedom from bad ideas is all we need to make us aware again?


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